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Colin Campbell and Jim Gallagher, longtime friends and business associates for over 37 years, share common ownership, resources, and philosophies.

Throughout the years, we have concerned ourselves with the interests of our clients. By dedicating a team that is attentive to the needs of each project we are able to consistently provide the quality workmanship that is expected of Campbell-Gallagher Construction, LLC.

We are in a business that is immensely satisfying and it is essential for us that each project from start to finish is approached with the same concern that we would have if we were building it for ourselves. Therefore, we empower our sub contractors to take ownership of every project, and our projects are done right, the first time. With our tremendously diverse experience, we have been able to establish an enviable reputation for being an outstanding contractor.

However, we know that reputation alone will not maintain the confidence that others have in us. For that reason, job-by-job and year-by-year we strive to continue the exceptional performance that enables us to provide quality workmanship for our clients.

We are fully licensed, insured & bonded, over 37 years of experience and most of all dependable.

Your custom dream home is only a step away, or if you want to transform your current home Campbell-Gallagher Construction, LLC can help.

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