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Is your house starting to feel small? Does it lack vital amenities, like a spacious kitchen, which is negatively impacting your family? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about moving, but don’t want to take on the added stress and exorbitant costs associated with such a decision. Not to mention you like your neighborhood, the school district and the amenities that are close to home. If you’re happy with where you live, perhaps building additional square footage is the right decision for you. A decision to add on or move comes down partly to emotions and partly to finances.

A successful addition is made to look like it was part of the original structure. It involves everything you would find in new home construction, including the foundation, framing, zoning, permitting, flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc.

It’s also one of the smartest ways you can add space to your home. Adding a new space is like designing a whole new house, but without the expense of a whole new house. But, it’s not something you can take on yourself. Ideally, consult a professional designer who can help you determine the feasibility of your vision, making sure your addition will add the desired value to your home.


Home additions are another important part of our business. Increasing your living space adds real value to your home. It also lets you customize that space and make it truly your own. Do you want to add a second story, do a whole house renovation or expand your home’s footprint? Campbell-Gallagher Construction will make it happen, from initial design to final walk through.

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